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Renzo Zecchetto Architects is a design oriented, full service architectural firm with experience ranging from urban design and master planning, to building and furniture design.
About Us
Renzo Zecchetto Architects was established in 1990 in Santa Monica, California after successful entries in international design competitions. Since then, RZA's work has grown in complexity and scope, without compromising its enthusiasm for the design of houses and gardens.

RZA believes that good architecture stems from a profound understanding of specific site qualities, the cultural context, and the client's visions and needs. Form emerges to acknowledge spatial quality, and gains strength utilizing noble materials and contemporary methods. It is an architecture that offers connection to human scale, emotion and breadth of experience. In every project we undertake, our prevalent goal is to create a sense of place, making spatial experience the predominant concern in the conception of the design.

We place emphasis on recognizing the unique and inherent complexities and possibilities of every project, and acquiring a thorough knowledge of the regulatory constraints. To understand the evolving dynamics of contemporary life and inhabitation, we challenge ourselves and our consultants to explore new ideas, new definitions, and new patterns of behavior. This is only accomplished within a cooperative environment of team participation and strong leadership. In addition to our consultants, the clients are fundamental members of the project team, and as such we encourage them to participate intimately in the design process.
For our large scale urban design projects, which include new urban centers and business parks, we have assembled large interdisciplinary design and engineering teams. These projects address the vast amount of issues facing the modern city – issues of scale and streetscape, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, business and residential districts and their delineation, recreational opportunities, and the integration of sustainable design and modern living processes.

Our services include analysis and documentation of existing conditions that lead to an initial strategic plan. The development of sound organizing principles is followed by an implementation plan that recognizes phasing concerns, economic parameters and design flexibility. An important concern in our planning approach has been the creation of a sense of place where buildings and spaces become inhabitable and accessible through a seamless integration.

Our experience includes complex entitlement processes involving multiple agencies. In addition to our thorough examination of the applicable codes and regulations, and careful exploration of the client’s needs and visions, the strength of our submittals relies on the integrity of our design. We ensure that the project design is not compromised by the agencies and their review processes.

We provide facilities evaluation and programming services to assist our clients in developing project opportunities, scope and budget. In addition to conventional data gathering methods, we have developed participatory workshops that enable the users to articulate goals and objectives, as well as identify issues and solutions. The work product of such workshops and visioning group meetings results in a solid facilities program, as well as user consensus.

Renzo Zecchetto Architects provides full architectural services for a variety of building types:
Theaters, Museums, Art Galleries, Libraries, Municipal Buildings, Public Safety Buildings, College Buildings, Schools, Child Care, Production, Manufacturing, Corporate Headquarters, Religious Buildings and Support Facilities, Single-family Homes, and Multi-family Housing.

A dedication to the quality of interior life is central to our approach to building design. Attention to detail and careful material selection have fostered a design approach that values conception and execution equally. Renzo Zecchetto Architects manages all aspects of interior design – from space planning, to selection of finish materials and products, to custom designed and fabricated furniture and lighting fixtures.

Our preoccupation with lighting design, technology and energy conservation has developed as an inseparable part of our services. In every project that we undertake we provide lighting in three stages of service: lighting concept, complete lighting design scheme, and custom light fixture design. Renzo Zecchetto Architects has undertaken a wide range of lighting projects, some of which have been recognized with national lighting awards.

We conceive buildings that are irrevocably connected to their land where the spatial experiences flow from interior to exterior spaces. We treat gardens to give coherence to and breathe life into buildings. We work with distinguished professionals, landscape architects, arborists and gardeners, bringing technical and practical expertise to our garden designs.

As a complement to our interior design services we are periodically requested to design miscellaneous objects, some of which are part of manufacturer collections: custom furniture, lighting fixtures, museum exhibits, stage sets, manufactured product design, graphics and signage, devotional art pieces, movable acoustics devices, textiles and rugs.

With LEED Certified Professionals on staff, Renzo Zecchetto Architects is committed to the ideals of sustainable design. Whether the client seeks LEED Certification or not, all our designs are mindful of sustainable issues, such as orientation and material selection. Our general approach to design, which strives to gain maximum benefit with minimal means, contains the essence of sustainability.

As an integral part of our design process, Renzo Zecchetto Architects uses both physical models and computer generated three-dimensional images (both renderings and animations) as design tools. These tools are often invaluable in communicating and presenting designs and ideas to clients, consultants and public agencies.
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